You may not have heard of JAM Marketing Partners, but chances are, you have already worked with us!

JAM, a non-profit 501 c 3, is a consortium of leading technology, media, data, marketing, motorsports, and event companies combined with a support team of industry leading CEO's, Senior Level Executives, and Innovators ALL of which are donating their time, offering FREE services or deep discounting their offering to bring added-value to assist Rising Stars of Motorsports, Educate our youth, and bring unmatched value to brand partners.


Today, consumers are connected through social media and their mobile devices. Combine that with their fascination with personalities and celebrities in film, television, and video games and, in a way, fabricated reality has become the new reality.

JAM's process for connecting to those consumers is by building stories through our aspiring and talented story tellers (Rising Stars of Motorsports) and weaving those stories through our educational platform (STEM - Accelerated learning through motorsport) PLUS an aresnal of "WOW" marketing activation through our family of leading innovative companies and good ol' B2B with our brand partners.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. JAM's formula engages avid sport fans, casual sport fans, and the general public (those simply "aware" of motorsports) blanketing the globe with our reach.

JAM's management team and consultants have expertise crossing all facets of business to include manufacturing, distribution, retail, marketing and promotion. Each client, regardless of size and scope, is matched with a team of in-house facilitators, essentially bringing a plug and play "call to action" group exponentially assisting your business.




JAM's Technology team combines multiple technologies (Tech) including GEO [Social, Beacons & Fences] and mobile platforms which work together seamlessly to create compelling consumer or B2B experiences.

Our existing "bag of tricks" - our toy box - allows us to quickly modify and take to market mobile tools such as scratch to win, gamification, augmented reality, LIVE streaming, GEO location based texting, and more.


JAM Uses Virtual DBS's proprietary Predictive Anayltics Modeling to indentify targeted consumers from within their ever growing database presently comprised of 220 Million Consumers, 180 Million Households, 130 Million Vehicles and over 20 Million businesses and 50 Million contacts within those businesses.

The art, and our specialty, is extracting what makes our Rising Stars tick and who our brands are seeking to influence. We then utilize Virtual DBS to "match-make" audiences MOST likely to engage. With those components in place we create messages that push the buttons of the target audience.


OA Agency (OA) is a collective of senior-level thinkers responsible for connecting brands with celebrity talent to increase exposure. Unique in design, OA exclusively represents "the buyers" as clients. (Think of OA as a buyers agent in a real estate transaction).Through OA's elite black book, OA negotiates on JAM's behalf with the world's top entertainers, allowing JAM the ability to connect our brand partners and Rising Stars with all levels of talent. OA does not work for any specific artist, they work with them all!


BKFK (by Kids for Kids)is an educational and family dedicated marketing company specializing in engaging young adults, teachers, parents, and communities with innovative, customized educational programs.

Working with JAM, BKFK's integrated campaigns create dynamic learning experiences in and around our STEM based education platform featuring our brand partners and Rising Stars of Motorsports. BKFK provides access to 100,000 public k-12 schools, 25 Million k-5 Students, 23 Million students in grades 6-12, 5 Million students in more than 30,000 private schools + 1 Million homeschooled students and 8 Million kids in afterschool programs and youth organizations.


NamePlace is a revolutionary way for advertisers to engage with families on a neighborhood level. NamePlace organizes and showcases local sponsorships and naming rights opportunities on a global platform, each of which can be mixed and match to aggregate audiences. The platform bridges corporations and cities, and the neighborhoods they represent, bringing each constituent together for mutual benefit.

The handshake; Cities have neighborhood venues like soccer fields, parks, walking trails and swim clubs, each with individual promotional options. They also hold events, as do private or non-profit organizations, again with promotional options. Local businesses are interested in supporting their communities and letting people know about their services. But so are very large corporations, who need scale to justify their effort. With NamePlace, you can engage with one, or one hundred, venues.


Jeff Andretti Motorsports is essentially a living breathing encyclopedia of motorsports coupled with a brand name synonymous with winning, commitment, class, and integrity the World over.

J Andretti Motorsports navigates our Rising Stars and Brand partners through the treacherous and often misunderstood world of motorsports. For brand initiatives to be successful, race teams, tracks and drivers all have to operate in tandem to get maximum results. Think of J Andretti Motorsports as the director to a highly complex Broadway play and who better to direct than a former race champion born into racing.


Brand Aid specializes on Brand integration into motion pictures, Television and video games. Working hand in hand with JAM's family of companies, we develop activation platforms such as contests and promotions, private access to behind the scenes, celebrities, premiers and so much more. We pride ourselves on seamlessly executing programs using motorsports as a backdrop - blurring the lines between racing and the world of entertainment beyond the track.

Brand Aids ongoing working relationships with leading talent agencies such as CAA, Octagon, and Relativity Sports opens the play book wider granting us access to Sport Athletes and Music Artists alike.


1 Call Does it all is a call center, but not just any call center. 1 call is THE leading call center having been ranked by the employers in the Top Ten of over 900,000, putting them in the Top 1% of the Top 1% in getting good results for the last seven years! Additionally, 1 Call boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rating from a client base consisting of Microsoft, State Farm, ReMax other Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small to medium size businesses.

The "Secret Sauce" is in implementing the perfect mix of pro telemarketers, strategists, and marketing consultants, then utilizing their reporting system, lists, and scripts work.



Jeff Andretti, youngest son of Mario Andretti, was born into racing. From his earliest memories Jeff has been surrounded by the business of the sport providing him with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to quickly identify an opportunity or a liability. A former racing champion and INDY 500 rookie for the year, Jeff also knows what it takes to be successful on the track - a perfect blend of dedication, talent, fitness and mental capacity will result in podium finishes. Jeff builds champions.


An entrepreneur since Jr. High, Erik is proud to have participated behind the scenes assisting emerging recording artists and is proud to have contributed to the creation of two genres of music - Seattle's Grunge and the West Coast's - Hip-hop. While owning and operating several recording studios in the Pacific Northwest and assisting leading hip-hop producers in LA, Erik provided production services or business development services for the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queensryche, Sir Mix-a-lot, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

Erik brings his passion for developing something new to JAM with focus on extracting what makes the drivers "Superstars," and most importantly, relatable to consumers through brand activation programs. His motto is "Drivers are our actors and racing is the backdrop to a much bigger story - let's tell that story."


Jim Panaretos has extensive background within the automotive industry including a director of marketing for many years at General Motors and then transitioning into the Vice President role at Sirius XM Satellite radio where he elevated their sales of service within the automotive industry. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experiences to each and every project JAM undertakes.



Since being named Mobile Marketer of the Year 2011 at the Tech Marketing Awards, Andrea has continued to pave new paths in the mobile engagement technology space. A CEO with a "dream it, build it, execute it" drive that is second to none.


Jordan was named to Variety's Annual Dealmakers Impact Report List and multiple times to The Hollywood Reporter's annual "Power Lawyers" list; Additionally, he was named among the "Top 40 Entertainment Lawyers" by The Los Angeles Business Journal; and his pioneering work on the integration of brands into entertainment has been featured in the New York Times and more.


John's perspective and approach to database and analytics is not so dissimilar than an artist with his or her brushes and canvas. Knowing what to do with the database - making it "Work" is an art.


A recognized pioneer and visionary in the field of youth innovation and empowerment, Norm is the recipient of a Congressional leadership award and one of CNN's 2007 "Ten National Innovators" changing lives in America. Norm heads up BKFK, a pro-social agency dedicated to creating and providing free, Common Core-based supplemental educational materials for teachers, students, parents, and youth organizations.


As the ying to Neo's yang, Freddie works in tandem with Neo to provide the one-two punch pairing venues with promoters and celebrities.

Freddie is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for growing businesses. At the age of 18, while attending Georgetown University, Freddie developed a successful promotional company known for hosting the #1 college party in the nation. Freddie has a true knack for the entertainment sector, probably because he gets a rush from being required to travel the world at a moment's notice.


Neo is the "black book" to the stars, preferring "win-wins" and relationships over tedious negotiations. Respected for his "insane" global network with an expertise in building long lasting strategic partnerships, Neo is a true people person. He is known for never beiong serious about anything, except for his work.

Neo has worked with brands such as Mass Mutual, Kevin Durant, March of Dimes Foundation, 2 Chainz, The W Hotel, The Warrick Dunn Foundation, and The Tiger Woods Foundation among others.

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We are great listeners. We understand that your company needs are most likely as unique as your product or service. You need a company - a partner - to stand beside you focused on creating the greatest impact delivering ontime, on budget, and as promised. Our name says it all - we are JAM Marketing Partners - we work well with others, be it your agency of record, a team within your organization, or current sponsorship and activation programs. The more value we can bring to your race initiatives the better it is for all involved.

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